I have about five minutes to upload this video and then go meet Nick, who has changed plans about five times in the past hour but the main thing is that today we are leaving Vancouver.

This video is from when A/V and The Crimson Tides travelled to Ye Olde Skinnin Shack just outside Kelowna, BC for an outdoor punk rock show. There was a lot of testosterone and alcohol floating around at the show. Overall I felt weird there and slightly unwelcome at one point.

A band called “Whiskey Dick” played and did a song about getting their dicks sucked. Crimson Tides played. I was told A/V could play last, but was not told there was a fast-approaching curfew for music. Taberfucks played and I was about to set up when I was told abruptly that the show was over. So A/V didn’t get to play at all. I’d been a bit stressed out about how the macho man-moshers might respond to electronic new wave, so I suppose I was actually a bit relieved.

I shat in the woods and slept in the van. In the morning Adam got a hair cut and then we split for Chilliwack.

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