Gerry is one of my

Gerry is one of my roommates. Gerry has gone and grown himself a moustache. It’s quite something. He even used some Just For Men to dye it black, to make it appear even more prominent.

Gerry is doing more than just sporting a moustache. Philosophically, you might say that Gerry is “raising the issue” of “the moustache.” He is placing “the moustache” at the forefront of discourse. Every guy that Gerry runs into is forced to come to terms with “the moustache,” and to place it within the context of his own life–this irreducible fact–“the moustache.”

I had previously gotten rid of the weblog comments feature because it was jamming up the page and pissing me off. But I’m reinstating comments now, just so people can talk about “the moustache.”