Hi. The Heritage Front had

Hi. The Heritage Front had a meeting at the Holiday Inn today. They’re a neo-Nazi group. Raise your hand if you like the Heritage Front. See… nobody likes the Heritage Front. They’re stupid. The Holiday Inn are kind of stupid too, a bunch of people (including me) are thinking. Would you let the Nazis hang out at your hotel on Boardwalk or Park Place? Not me. There was a protest outside the Holiday Inn, but the cops were there, to protect the hotel, and the Nazis. Protesters = poor. Heritage Front = rich = property = police protection. Simple, really. I shot some video but Terry needed his camera back so I’m not posting anything from the protest. Lots of shouting. Middle finger from big Nazi guy. Middle fingers back from protesters. Swastika tattoo. Hate literature. Lots of cops. There was a Mi’kmaq convention happening on the first floor of the hotel at the same time. I was telling Terry about this and I said, “The Natives had reservations about sharing the hotel with Nazis, so they cancelled their reservations.” Terry said, “That was a pun.” I said, “It wasn’t intentional.” It wasn’t. I thought about an imaginary newlywed couple ordering the Sapphire Package from the Holiday Inn and finding the swimming pool all filled up with big burly skinheads wearing waterwings. I started laughing and I came back to the studio and recorded this track.

~ 9Volt Sound System – ‘Nazis have taken over the Holiday Inn’ [4.5MB mp3]

“Malcolm Ross” is a reference to the notorious Holocaust denier and Heritage Front bigwig. He was out Friday night hitting on a woman who just happened to be involved in organizing Saturday’s protest. “He was really drunk, and was kind of slobbering and stuff,” she said. “Somehow I just don’t think he’d be very good in bed.”