The rockin’ blogroll is underway,

The rockin’ blogroll is underway, with a tribute to Miss B of the bazima chronicles. I won a contest that was based around wooing this lovely lady of the internet, which sparked the whole blogrock idea.

The project got a mention on metafilter, but please don’t hold back from writing to me because you think I’ve gotten a million requests. I haven’t. is next.

In real world news, I’m doing thirteen straight nights of live sound in between playing gigs. But it doesn’t feel like work anymore. It just feels like life.

Also, people are still getting shot on Gottingen Street. What’s going on with my neighbourhood?

Several people have asked if June 27’s entry is a true story. Oh yes, it’s quite true; I totally put my teacher’s eye out… and burned his house down… when I was nine.

I’m off to Hell’s Kitchen to do sound for “hard rock open mic night” with your hosts, The Heelwalkers. Also known as The Hardrockin’ Heelwalkin’ Jamboree. Also known (affectionately, of course) as “Dirtbag Tuesdays” or “Jean Jacket Tuesdays” or, my favourite, “Cowbell Tuesdays.” See you tomorrow, when I am good and deaf.