It was a night of

It was a night of misplaced intentions. I went down to The Planet, thinking I was playing a gig there. “Oh Philip… didn’t you get my message?” No. “Oh, and you hauled all your gear down here too… sorry.” So I pulled out of there with my shopping cart full of science and wondered what I could do with the evening.

I decided maybe I could find an MC and do an impromptu hiphop live PA in the Staples parking garage. I went to the Khyber, thinking it was Hiphop Wednesday and I could find me a rapper. But no. The Atlantic Jazz Festival has taken over the Khyber this week, and there were no rappers in sight. Just lots of jazz people. I drank a couple of Kentucky Orange Blossoms and left.

And then I stopped in at the Marquee Club, thinking… well, never mind what I was thinking… But no.

So I came to the studio and rocked a blog. Rock is fun. is next, I think.

Oh yeah, our friend Mark Black is going to be in Halifax for 24 hours next Monday. So we’re having a party at Bloomfield House. Barbecue and potluck in the afternoon, and bands in the basement starting around 6. Featured will be A/V, The Break-up, and Brent’s band (yeah, I know they have a name, but they should just call themselves “Brent’s Band”).

Woo hoo. This could be the North End party of the summer.