I was on my way

I was on my way to the Halifax Public Gardens (one of the lushest city parks in the country) to shoot some beautiful footage with the boss’s DV camera. But I ran into my roommate Gerry and he said, “Come down and sit on the Wall with me.” So I wound up sitting on the Wall and grabbing some video down at Pizza Corner instead.

Sitting on the Wall at Pizza Corner is kind of a summer tradition in Halifax. If you hang out long enough you will see everyone. Not exactly the most scenic intersection in town though. The scene is dominated by late-night pizza joints on three of the four corners of Grafton and Blowers.

“What a dump,” said Gerry.

It was nice, however, to relax for a while and do nothing before heading off to work.

In the background of the video you can hear Joel Plaskett ordering a hot dog.